Saturday, 26 November 2016

HIIT classes to get fit for Christmas

Pre-Christmas HIIT fitness PAYG classes for adults. The (Undisputed) Metafit v (Round 21) Insanity
at Unity Boxing Club Oon Saturdays from 3.30pm-4.30pm. Bring a friend & You pay half price with a saving of £2.50 per class.  Lose the remote and Sign up now to feel the benefits!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

12 Core exercises of Christmas to get your body in shape for 2017

Boxercise4health home fitness workouts.

10 Squats turns = firm legs.
10 Wide arm push ups = strong core.
20 Mountain Climbers = toned core & arms.
10 Wide leg squats = firm buttocks & legs.
10 Windmills core exercise = firm Abs.
10 Second sprints x side lunges = Cardio efficiency.
10 Elbow to Extended Plank = Firm Core.
10 Scorpion Sting = Firm core, arms & shoulders.
10 Burpees + 2 head /2hook punches = whole muscle around the body.
10 Explosive Jumps + 10 seconds hand stand = Firm legs, core & arms.
10 Box Jumps + 2 Push Ups + 1 Squat Thrusts = Whole body.
10 Obliques Crunches = stronger core.

All workouts to be completed 3 days a week x 3 sets. Log your levels of activity times through 2016 and challenge yourself and your friends to become more fitter. Beat your own targets, monitor your exercises.

Raise your abs and core muscles to hit peak performance

Raise your abs and core muscles like a boxer this Christmas to hit peak performance with former midlands boxing champion Kelton Mckenzie. ...